Letting God Fight Your Battles for You

Purpose through GodHave you ever made a God Box? If so, how many times did you take back your problem? The concept is to pour your heart out in little notes to God about your problems. Then, let go of them. The idea is that God will handle your obstacles.

The God Box is symbolic. Yet you took right action by putting your worries into words. Still, it’s tempting to retrieve the notes and take matters into your own hands. How did that work for you?
Do you have the courage to be still and let God fight your battles?

“Be still, and know that I am God…” – Psalm 46:10

We are a society of ‘doing human’, going here, doing this, hurrying there and so on. ‘Being human’ is not in our nature. Nobody ever taught us how. Maybe you think being still is a whopping-big downer.
But, have you tried? Suppose you find a quiet place and sit awhile. Can you think of ways to occupy your time, without dwelling on your problems? Let’s explore:

Prayers of Silence
The contemplative, silent prayer is frequently where you will feel the strongest presence of God. Just take a few words that are meaningful to you and think about them, such as: perfect love casts out fear or obstacles can’t stand between me and my good. Whatever feels good and right to you.

At the perfect time, God will reveal opportunities and ideas, as a result of your prayers of silence.

Bible Studies
Being still and quiet are two pre-requisites for Bible studies. In Psalm 55:22, we are told: “Cast thy burden upon the LORD…” See how many verses you can locate that validates burdens are God’s business, not ours.
Study the entire 46th Psalm. In essence, it is a powerful prayer, which serves to empower you to overcome any challenge. It begins, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Talk about a modern, “Wow!”.

This is an excellent reason the Good Book is referred to as the “Living Bible”. The Word of God was true centuries ago, is true now and will always be true. Isn’t it a comfort to realize that God, the Infinite Being, is present anytime we get into trouble? That we can take strength from an all-knowing God?

God is our refuge, our protector, our safe haven. We can take refuge in His unconditional love, when we face any kind of obstacle. He acts through us by changing our consciousness from fear-based to love-based.

A good time to silently say, “God is my refuge. I am not afraid.” is when your heart is pounding in fear. Pray Psalm 46, when it when a dark cloud hovers over your life. God’s power will break up the cloud. You only have to be still and let Him. Oh – and keep your hand out of the God Box.

Keeping a Prayer Journal
Your prayer journal is where you can ask God hard questions and expect unexpected guidance. It’s a place where you can ‘dump’ your negative thought when facing tough obstacles. Writing a journal entry, each time your prayers are answered, heightens your trust in God.

If you are letting other people control your life, journal about it and ask God to help get your power back. Use your prayer journal for recording your Letters to God. For example, write a letter of appreciation for fighting your battles.

Final Thought
So, we can see being human is good. Yet, there are occasions when we must do human and take action. Suppose you’re walking down the road and see a bear lumbering toward you. It would be prudent to run like the dickens, rather than hoping God would swoop down and scoop the bear up and away.

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