Tips for Memorizing God’s Word

Bible Verse

You never know when the occasion will call for the power of God’s Word. However, at  times memorizing Bible Verses can be boring! No matter – we are commanded to hide God’s Word in our hearts. So, isn’t now a good time to learn Bible verses by heart? Like – what if you were stuck in an elevator with a non-believer, […]

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10 Ways to Have a More Meaningful Lent


Are the words “meaningful” and “Lent” in the same sentence confusing? How can fasting, giving up your favorite stuff, etc. translate to meaningful? Giving up cherished things, serves as a reminder that all our goodness comes from God. #1. Express Your Kind Side Show your love for Jesus through Christian kindness to others. Surprise co-workers […]

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How Jesus Removes our Guilt


Guilt. Everybody’s got some. Question is – how do we deal with guilt? In a word, Jesus. Talk to Jesus about your guiltand ask for forgiveness. Yet, many people carry their guilt around like a box of rocks. Their ongoing pity party puts the burden friends and loved ones. They talk their problems to death and don’t listen to advice from other people. Others become […]

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Tips for Staying Joyful


Staying Joyful Joy is one aspect of our Divine Heritage. Joyfulness is innate. You can’t find joy, because something not lost can’t be found. Yet, if joy is always there, deep within each of us, why is it so difficult to sustain a joyous outlook on life? In a society where it’s all about me, me, me… hands reaching out for a gimme…and […]

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Tips for When God’s Plans are Different Than Ours


When our life plans fail to meet our expectations, chances are great, God has thrown us a curveball. Note that we’re not referring to the hard-to-hit spinning baseball, but the alternate definition, which relates to the “unexpected, surprising or disruptive”. Some events that categorize God’s curveballs include: marriages we thought were sweet turn sour, laid-off from a great job, injury […]

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