Today is World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day, which is officially celebrated on the 13th of November each month, is a day reserved for acts of kindness. Just one act of kindness has the potential to make a large difference – not just for one person, but for humanity – as a whole. This immensely popular day was created on November 13th of the year 1997, when a vast array of humanitarian-based groups united and made what is referred to as a “Declaration of Kindness”. It is on this day that those humanitarians encourage others to make a personal declaration of kindness. It does not matter if that act is as simple as sharing a smile or holding open a door for someone, it is believed that just one act of kindness will make a difference as it will turn into multiple acts of kindness. In this guide, you will learn many facts pertaining to World Kindness Day. If you want to make a difference in the world, continue reading to learn more.


Obtaining Knowledge

World Kindness Day is the act of appreciating differences and coming together for a common purpose. It is the act of obtaining knowledge from others – some, like ourselves; others, completely different from us. It is the process of getting to know our neighbors – locally and abroad – and putting away the negativity, the preconceptions, and the prejudices about those individuals. It is about coming together – as one – to overcome that which has transpired in the past, and to govern the positive and productive interactions of the future.

Joining Together

Each of us goes through life engaging in one activity or another. It all boils down to are we promoting the act of joining together, or the act of separation. World Kindness Day is about joining together for all things “good”. It is a simple reminder to only partake in that which is positive to the world, and positive towards others. It is about using the simple solution of love and kindness to develop workable solutions for the human race. It is about being kind – kind to others, kind to animals, kind to our planet, and kind to our environment – in order to bring about a positive change in the world.

A Better World

World Kindness Day revolves around becoming a co-creator of a beautiful, kinder, better world. By focusing on bringing a high level of order to our lives and the lives of others, we have the ability to bring a high level of order to the world – as a whole. World Kindness Day is a time to celebrate our unique ability to create many positive changes. It is about realizing our infinite level of power, as it pertains to that which we are all capable of, in terms of kindness.

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