Having Personal Conversations with God

Personal Conversations with God

Have you long thought it would be marvelous to carry on conversations with God? Do you talk yourself out of it before you even try to talk to God as if he is your friend? After all, why would God be interested in you? Does he even know who you are? Maybe he is too busy doing God business to listen to you.

Be mindful that during Biblical times, God spoke with Moses, Job, Abraham and others, in an audible voice. But in contemporary times, if people report God has talked to them in a voice they could hear, even Christians might chalk it up to imagination.

Yet, it does happen. Take Sojourner Truth, a former slave, who walked from place to place, speaking about freedom. In her 70s, Quaker friends loaned Sojourner their horse and buggy. The fact that she couldn’t read or write caused many people to question how she ever got where she was going. Her answer was that when she got to a crossroads, she’d close her eyes, relax the reins and say, “God, you drive”.

Sojourner declared that God always gets her to a place where she has a good meeting. No doubt, Sojourner was a woman who carried on constant conversations with God.

Enough said?

Let’s explore ideas to begin your personal conversations with God.


Conversations with God as your Friend

…I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. – John15:15

Go outdoors. Look up. Even though you can’t reach out and touch him, let an awareness wash over you that God exists. Can you feel his presence? Start talking.

Good morning God. You’ve really outdone yourself with this beautiful day. I’m going for a walk. Would you like to join me? Oh – look at the pretty blue jay, singing his heart out. What a sweet kitten. Let’s stop and pet her. Over to the right – see those wildflowers? Are they buttercups?

Lord, I’m getting all choked up with the richness of this moment. I am so grateful for the many gifts of nature you gave us.

Get the idea? Don’t worry if you can’t think what to say next. Thoughts will emerge spontaneously if you let them. You can confide in God about anything including your accomplishments, goals, problems, fears, etc.

When you feel ready, how about inviting God to take a nature walk with you?


Written Conversations with God

Before the Internet connected people all over the globe, there were letters. Many people who never met in person became pen pals for life. Like the pen pals, chances are you will never meet God personally. (We can’t rule it out. Because with God, all things are possible.)

So, if you’re having problems expressing your friendship with God through the spoken word, try writing to him.

If you already keep a journal, it’s easy enough to add a section for your written conversations with God. After writing you “Dear God” letter, turn to the next blank page. Sit with the quiet a few minutes.

You may hear God’s voice of encouragement and even answers to your pressing problems. Or, your hand may feel compelled to write things you could not have possibly known, in response to your letter.

In the meantime, you’ll lower stress, improve your mood and enhance your well-being by writing to God in your journal. Just keep writing with the intention to become good friends with God.


Final Thoughts

Cultivating a close friendship with God is all about being present. Show up for regular Conversations with God and you may be assured he will.

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