How to Make Christian New Year’s Resolutions

2018 ResolutionsJanuary – a month of new beginnings – a clean slate. New Year’s Day – turn the page – review the past and refine what is yet to come. A time to make positive changes in your life.

Yes, Christians make New Year’s resolutions.

But, isn’t it a shocker that only eight percent of the people keep their New Year’s resolutions? (per the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology) Further, U.S. News reported that eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions take a nose-dive in or around the second week in February.

So, if you create New Year’s resolutions, are you setting yourself up to fail?

Take comfort in knowing that an online survey of 1,273 participants – by Statistic Brain Research – deduced that people who make New Year’s resolutions enjoy 10 times the success rate of those who don’t.

Also, ‘self-centered’ resolutions, e.g. lose weight, quit a bad habit (i.e. smoking, drinking), be debt free, are typical. But typically, unsuccessful. Reasons range from lack of motivation, feelings of deprivation to self-sabotage. Basically, humans balk at change.

Alternatively, why not allow quiet time on January 1st to create Christian-centered resolutions? Be mindful that resolutions are intentions followed by action.


Here are suggestions:



Review past accomplishments. Congratulate yourself for previous success. Give yourself a pep talk and review previous experiences where you could have been a better Christian.

Did you forego your daily walk with God to watch a movie on TV? Could you have given a little more to others, if you had spent a little less money or time on yourself? Did your words or attitude ever get you into trouble? Did you speak without thinking and inadvertently hurt another person?

Action: I intend to seek God’s advice about any unresolved issues. I resolve to reinstate my daily walk with God.



How about re-reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, beginning to end, cover to cover? Christians owe it to themselves to read the whole Bible, at least one time. It may sound confusing to read the Bible from front to back, but you will gain a true understanding of how various books, by various authors form a cohesive whole.

If you resonate with structure, buy a one-year Bible, which is composed of 365 portions of the Bible. At year-end, you’ll have accomplished your goal.



I intend to open my heart to the word of God. I resolve to read the entire Bible in the coming year.



Are your “I love you’s” up to date? God commanded that we love one another. Remember urgent feelings caused by events of 9/11…did you feel compelled to reach out to your loved ones and restate your love?

Do Christians need a national disaster to keep that love-feeling alive?

Action: I intend to express my love and appreciation to God daily. I resolve to show my love every day, in every way to everyone I can.



If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to you. – James 1:5

Could your prayer life stand a little refocus? Have you fallen into the habit of only praying when you need results? One of God’s promises to Christians is to lead us to wisdom that generates the right results for our highest good.

If you see prayer as a hurry-up duty, so you can do something fun, try refocusing on the way you pray. Pray while you do dishes, fold laundry, take a coffee break or walk. Sit in your comfortable chair, close your eyes and repeat “wisdom” over and over (this is also known as the breath prayer, i.e. words you can say in one breath).

Action: I intend to pray for wisdom about achieving God’s goals for me. I resolve to refocus my prayer life on wisdom.

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