Great Leadership Starts with God

LeadershipWere you were gifted with leadership? God gives each of us different gifts. To be gifted with leadership means God chose you to motivate and manage the acts of others. As a Christian, your leadership must be honest and fair. Christian leaders hold staff and themselves accountable, in a kind, compassionate manner.

Be thankful for your unique gift. No one else owns your exact experiences and expressions. Your gifts are a precious thing, yet different from other believers. While your God-given certain leadership qualities are intrinsic, among the most prominent is humility, which must be developed.

Think about it, Christ was living example of humility. Jesus demonstrated his humbleness through total obedience to God the Father.


Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up.

James 4:10

This is the Bible verse for Christian leaders. God gave you the gift of leadership and he wants you to do well. You must want to be humble in the eyes of man and God. Only then, will you become the Prodigious Leader you were meant to be.

So, how do we cultivate humility?


Share the Glory

Have you worked for a leader who took your idea, your presentation, your report and ran with it? And when the powers-that-be heaped praise on this leader, did he bask in the glory?

Obviously, this is not a humble leader. Be the leader who gives a gracious plenty of praise to subordinates. Appreciate team effort.


Active Listening

The humble leader listens to her team’s ideas and suggestions, without interjecting her thoughts. So, don’t interrupt when an employee is speaking and don’t veto staff suggestions, just because you can.

Active listening means putting your focus on the speaker, not simply hearing what she says, but taking into account her tone of voice, facial expressions and body language.

You’ll gain respect and loyalty by listening to your staff and expressing appreciation for their input. Who knows – they may think of a new way to do something that will save time and/or money.


Paying your Dues

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom and with all they getting get understanding. – Proverbs 4:7

Remember your excitement when you received your first bicycle? However, at first, you couldn’t just hop on and peddle it to the store. Chances are, you learned to ride your big-boy bike, via the use of training wheels.

Think of paying your dues as leadership training wheels. You’ve got the instincts and traits of a leader, but you lack experience. You’re not ready to lead, until you learn to serve. In essence, you must “train-up”.

The best option is a “train-the-trainer” program. If this is not available, then a mentor can be enormously helpful. A mentor will challenge your growth as a leader and foster your growth as an individual, so that you can develop necessary life-skills required of a Christian leader.

He will evaluate your progress and address problem areas. He will share his wisdom, until, one day, your mentor will take off the training wheels and send you off to ride like the wind.

At this point, the question is: “Am I ready to lead?”


Servant Leadership

Christian leadership is not all about you. It is about you, serving God and serving the highest good of all concerned. It’s all about servant leadership. As Jesus said:

…whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant. – Matthew 20-26

Servant leadership is based on humility and a passionate desire to serve God. Be mindful, that in humbling yourself, God will lift you up, into the higher realm of leadership.


Final Thoughts:

You can’t finesse it. Great Christian leadership is not a “fake it ‘til you make it” scenario.

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