Tips for Memorizing God’s Word

Bible VerseYou never know when the occasion will call for the power of God’s Word. However, at  times memorizing Bible Verses can be boring! No matter – we are commanded to hide God’s Word in our hearts. So, isn’t now a good time to learn Bible verses by heart?

Like – what if you were stuck in an elevator with a non-believer, who is whining, crying, moaning…could you reach into your heart’s memory box and pull out comforting Bible verses?

Memorable events happen when we least expect them. What if you inspired a stranger – while trapped in a dark elevator – to believe in Jesus Christ? Does that sound boring?

Let’s get busy memorizing Bible verses!



Humans learn by repetition. Chances are, you won’t learn much if you just recite the words like rote, between yawns. Try this: Write the scripture on several index cards. Tape one on your bathroom mirror. Read it 2-3 times and get into the shower. Now, sing it.

Off-key? Out of tune? Forgot the words? No matter, God applauds effort.

Or, lay a card on your bedside table. Rather than counting sheep, start a loop of the verse in your mind. Your sub-conscious mind will work on memorizing the scripture while you sleep.


Keeping a Bible Verses Journal

Try this: On a clean journal page, keep an ongoing list of Bible verses for your memorizing pleasure. Write the scripture you’re currently memorizing on another clean page and repeat on six subsequent pages, for a total of seven. Label each page with a day of the week. Copy the verse seven times on the page that corresponds with the day.

Lectio Divina

Monks have practiced Lectio Divina or Divine Reading for centuries. It all started because they observed that words and phrases of personal prominence appeared to jump off the page.

Try this: Note certain words that grab your attention as you read each memory verse. Pray about significant words, asking God to show what you need to know or do.


Start a Memory Group

Groups exist for everything from overeating to poetry. Why not take advantage of the group mentality for memorizingBible verses? (Some existing groups have memorized entire books of the Bible!)

Memory Groups inspire, encourage and praise. Also, a mobile app exists for almost everything. Try this: Check out apps that assist in memorizing scriptures.


Walking the Walk

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path – Psalm 119:105

Walking is good exercise. But, a prayer walk with God is good for your soul. Walking in nature is especially conducive for memorizing Bible VersesMemorizing scripture is a repetitive process. If memorization is not one of your strengths, commune with God while you’re walking. Tell him you need his help.


Record It

Read the scripture 10 times into a portable recorder. Listen to it while you wait in line, at the Dr. office or for water to boil. Play it back when you take a walk. Listen each night before you fall asleep.

Try This: Once you can say the Bible Verse five times, without any mistakes, record another one and repeat the process.


Team Up with Memory Buddy

It’s easy to get discouraged and lose motivation when memorizing Bible Verses by yourself. A good idea is to team up with a memory buddy, who will act as an accountability partner. You’ll spur each other to learn and prod each other to keep the momentum going.

Try this: Get a package of gold stars. Each time a Bible Verse is successfully memorized, the memorizer gets a gold star. Five gold stars equal a reward. (Decide the nature of rewards in the beginning.) The caveat – both partners must have earned five stars before either can claim a reward.

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