How to Be a True Christian Friend

Christian Friends

Where could you experience sweeter felicity than with a close Christian friend? Perhaps you’re at a point in your life where you have run out of friends. Yet, we need real friends to rely on for advice, validation, empathy and support.   The search for a true Christian friend can prove a test of faith. […]

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How to Comfort and Encourage Military Families

Military Families

Sleep well America, our military has got your back. Military families have special needs. Chances are, they won’t share them with you. Because, our first inclination is to offer vagaries like – “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” Be proactive. Don’t ask. Do. Do what? Let’s explore spontaneous actions […]

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5 Tips for Powerful Prayers


Powerful prayers can transform your life. Master the tenets of powerful prayers and they will become the guiding principle that governs your life. When you commit to put God first in your life, all your life occurrences begin to align marvelously with your higher purposes.   #1. The Lord’s Prayer Don’t just say it, pray […]

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Overcoming Stress with Help from God


Is God number one on your stress management plan? If not, don’t panic. Panic helped get you where you are today. Maybe you tried prescription drugs, but couldn’t handle the side effects. Stress has no known cure. All you can do is find a good way to manage the symptoms.   Take worry, for instance. […]

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Helping Others Overcome Grief

Overcome Grief

Nobody knows the right words to comfort others overcoming grief. Worn-out platitudes – He’s in a better place. At least, she’s not suffering now – though well-intentioned, aren’t adequate. Grief follows loss. Not to discount losses like loss of job, loss due to divorce and so on, we will focus on the Big Loss. The […]

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