Always Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings. Express gratitude to God. Watch your blessings grow like bamboo. The positive side-effect of blessings is your overwhelming desire to give good stuff to other people. God, loves, loves, loves gratitude. When you accept blessings with joyful gratitude, they will grow exponentially. But, how do you begin to count your blessings? “Experts” tell […]

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Having Personal Conversations with God

Personal Conversations with God

Have you long thought it would be marvelous to carry on conversations with God? Do you talk yourself out of it before you even try to talk to God as if he is your friend? After all, why would God be interested in you? Does he even know who you are? Maybe he is too […]

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Tips for Keeping your Faith Alive

Keeping Faith Alive

Ever feel like a dark cloud is hovering over you that fails to lift? Days like these are when you need Big faith. Pay attention to your faith daily, nurture it and when storms hit, you’ll be ready. Let’s explore tips for keeping your faith alive.   Grow your Faith “Because of your little faith. For […]

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Pray for Strength in Times of Sickness

Pray During Sickness

  When sickness grabs us, we need to muster up great strength to fight those bad-boy germs. Like a compliant patient, we swallow our Dr. medicine and hope for the best. Unfortunately, side-effects can be worse than the original problem. In times of sickness, prayers can provide all the strength we need to mend our body, mind and spirit. […]

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Why is Daily Prayer Important?

Daily Prayer

How healthy is your daily prayer life? Daily prayer is your time with God…when you feel the presence of God…when you communicate with God. Daily prayer is an important practice. It can benefit you mentally, physically and spiritually.   Why is Daily Prayer Important?   Daily Prayer Fosters a Personal Relationship with God   You […]

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